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  1. Making an offer on a property

    What is a sitting tenant and what are their rights?

    You may have heard the term ‘sitting tenant’ and wondered what it means. Here we explain what rights a sitting tenant has, how a sitting tenant may...

  2. Making an offer on a property

    How to increase rental yield

    There are many things a landlord can do to increase rental yields. It might involve spending some money on their properties, but in the long term it...

  3. Making an offer on a property

    What does sold STC (subject to contract) mean?

    Sold STC (subject to contract) is when a seller has accepted an offer to buy their property, but before exchange of contracts . The estate agent...

  4. Making an offer on a property

    What is a studio flat, and should you choose a studio or one bedroom flat?

    If you are looking for a flat to rent and you only need one bedroom, you don’t necessarily need a one bedroom flat. If your budget is tight, or the...

  5. Making an offer on a property

    Gifting property: Can I sell my house to my child for £1?

    Gifting property to children is becoming more and more commonplace. As the price of property climbs ever higher, this is one solution families are...

  6. Making an offer on a property


    Help to Buy is a government initiative designed to help first-time buyers buy a home . However, some of the schemes also help people who have...

  7. butters john bee Season Greetings 2022

    The festive period is truly underway at butters john bee and we can’t wait for Christmas Day! We wish you and all your family a wonderful time...

  8. Stamp duty reforms 2022. What’s changed?

    butters john bee has welcomed the Government's ‘mini-budget’, which will bring significant benefits to the housing market. On the 23rd September...

  9. Making an offer on a property

    Making an offer on a property

    When you find a property that you really like, even love, it is time to make an offer. Before you make an offer Before making an offer on a house...

  10. Jargon.jpg

    butters john bee’s Jargon Buster

    Think moving house is stressful? Then all of the added jargon that goes with the house buying and selling process can make it quite daunting. Our...

  11. Should I choose a solicitor or conveyancer?

    Should I choose a solicitor or conveyancer?

    A solicitor or conveyancer will be needed to transfer the legal ownership of your property to the buyer. There is a difference between the two: A...

  12. David Skingley - IT Infrastructure Engineer

    Among those who’ve already put their talents to good use within the company are IT Infrastructure specialist David Skingley, 55, who joined...

  13. Armed Forces Covenant

    Estate agency roles at forces-friendly company There’s never a dull day in estate agency, it really is the land of opportunity. If you are leaving...

  14. A-cup-of-coffee-with-a-mac-keyboard-and-a-mouse-sitting-on-top-of-a-table

    Choosing the right estate agent for you

  15. man packing books into a box

    Choosing A Removals Company

  16. man in formal clothes

    A Complete Guide to the costs of Buying a Property

  17. Two house doorways with a plant on the outside

    Dos and Don’ts when going on a Property Viewing

  18. table with a coffee, pen, reading glasses and laptop on it

    10 ways to add value to your home

    If you’re thinking of selling your home what can you do to set your house apart from all the others? If you’re looking to make the move up the...

  19. Three wired black lampshades hanging from the ceiling

    Get viewings, not just views

    First impressions really do count. At butters john bee, we can help your property get viewings and offers. We use unique technology that matches...

  20. comfortable lounge area with a grey sofa, 5 pillows and a plant on either side

    Fixtures and fittings forms

    When you’re in the process of moving home, there seems to be a lot of forms and paperwork. One of these is the fixtures and fittings form. This...

  21. A woman sitting at a table with her mobile phone in her hand.

    Getting Started

    Searching for that perfect property? There are many advantages to both new homes and purchasing older properties. Sign up today to be among the...

  22. Person sitting at a table with a calculator and small model house.

    How Much Is My House Worth? Your House Valuation Explained

    There are a few different reasons why you might need to know the value of your property, including for property insurance, investment analysis,...

  23. A flat with a living room filled with sofas and plans that lead into the kitchen.

    Preparing Your Property For Viewings When Selling

    After all the hard work you have put in, you’ll need to be ready for the people who want to view the property. Just like when you made it look its...

  24. House selling process: A complete guide

    From getting a valuation and arranging viewings to instructing a solicitor and exchanging contracts, selling your property is a time-consuming and...

  25. A man and a woman dancing in a room with a plant, boxes that are stacked up and a bicycle.

    Receiving Offers

    A buyer wishing to make an offer needs to speak to the estate agent you have chosen to sell your property. They can do this verbally (over the phone...

  26. A guitar, plant in a pot and three cardboard boxes in a large spaced room on a wooden floor.

    Top Tips for Sellers

    Once you’ve decided to sell your home, knowing what to do next can be a daunting task. There’s a lot to think about when moving to a new house, so...

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    Exchanging contracts on property and completing a property sale

    Why is exchanging contracts so important? Exchanging contracts and completing are the final hurdles of selling your property and where things become...

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    Tips for buyers

    If you already have a home and plan on selling it in order to buy another, we know that it may be a long time since you last went down this route...

  29. Selling a Probate Property

  30. Stamp Duty 2021

  31. The Housing Market in 2021