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Internet Bidding

Can’t get to the auction? Use our online service to watch the sale live and bid for properties. 

Signing up is simple and secure. 

  1. Complete our application form and submit.
  2. Email your certified ID and proof of residency to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. For Internet bidding, register an account at Proxibid and apply to bid. When funds are cleared, you’re approved to bid.
  4. Click on the link to join our current auction here

Internet bidding FAQ

What does the service cost?

Nothing! It’s free, and you pay the same as any buyer who attends the auction.

Can I just watch?

Yes, many people use the service just to watch the auction.

Why do you need to know my maximum bid?

We set a maximum bid in order to process a suitable deposit, but you conduct the bidding and setting a cap doesn’t not mean you have to bid to it. You may set a cap of £100,000 but stop bidding at £88,000 – you are in complete control.

Can I bid on more than one property?

Yes. You can buy as many as you can process deposit payments for. You need to let us know which lots you are bidding on so our auctioneer can keep a look out for your bids.

How does the auctioneer know I’m bidding? 

The auctioneer has a monitor next to the rostrum that shows him your bid, and he can talk to you via the camera. Don’t worry, you can see him but he can’t see you!

What if I pay £8,000 deposit but then buy at £77,000 – so I end up paying more than a 10% deposit?

We would lodge all your £8,000 as deposit, and you simply pay less on completion.

Does the online system work in real time?

The online bidding system has a delay of less than 0.1 of a second, so it is essentially real-time. You may experience a small delay of up to 2 seconds on the video feed, depending on your internet connection and location.